Melbourne Moments

Got into Melbourne in the afternoon, checked into the Holiday Inn on Flinders, and registered at the convention. I spent most of my time in Melbourne at Worldcon, so I didn't see nearly as much there as other places. This means I will need to spend more time there on my next trip. It also means I don't have very many pictures covering September 1 - 5. In fact, the only day I have any pictures is September 3, from the top of the Rialto Towers and on a day trip to Phillip Island.

September 3, 1999

Rialto Towers

Phillip Island Trip

I had been told be several people in Hobart and Melbourne that I had to be sure and see the Fairy Penguins while I was in Melbourne. So I booked a trip to Phillip Island with Melbourne's Best Day Tours and spent the afternoon and evening going south to the island. On the way, we stopped at Koala Haven and saw a few animals.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be a bad day for pictures. At least for me. I was rushed leaving my hotel and did not grab another roll of film. So these few pictures are all I have of the Koala Haven. I did get to buy a roll of 1000 ISO film at the Penguin Visitor Centre before the Penguin Parade. Despite one of the attendants at the Visitor Centre saying that the 1000 speed film was fast enough to get pictures without a flash, none of the pictures came out. Even 1600 ISO would probably be iffy, but at least some of the pictures would have came out. But even without the pictures, it was a really great experience. There were a couple of hundred penguins coming in that night and it was possible to get within a few feet of them.

While I enjoyed my time in Melbourne, most of if was taken up by the convention. I am planning on spending more time there on my next trip, and seeing things like the Melbourne Zoo, the Old Melbourne Gaol, and the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. Plus some side trips into Victoria. But that all has to wait for a while.